dré wapenaar 2011

• Capacity: • maximum 2 people audience • 1 grand piano

• Structural Engineer:
Dré Wapenaar.

• Steel Frame: Dré Wapenaar

• Oak flooring: Dré Wapenaar

• Manufacturing: Dré Wapenaar

• All bits and pieces of this pavilion are no longer then:
2.90 meters ( = 9.5 feet )

• total estimated weight :
1600 kilos,
heaviest piece: 30 kilos

• comes packed in a trailer.

• location of the photoshoot:
The island of Terschelling,
in the north of the Netherlands.

• thanks to:
Joop Mulder and the OEROL FESTIVAL,

• thanks to: EVERT SNEL,
Fazioli piano's
( dedicated to marijke van russen groen )


In the new to be built piano-pavilion performance is even coming closer to you. The pianist is playing at your request, for maximum 2 people audience.
Just like in the other 2 pavilions, the Fourgrandpianopavilion and the Recitalpavilion, performance is inevetible. Truly we can see a dialogue between performing musician and listining audience.

Architecture, design, sculpture and performance join together in this pavilion. In this way various disciplines form a so called:

Dré Wapenaar is presenting this pavilion with a wide range of pianists:

But now also with the artist dré wapenaar himself as a pianist !

Focussed on repetetive and contemporary music from Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams, Terry Riley and Simeon ten Holt in relation to the old masters.

Studio GloriusVandeVen