• Design and construction:
Dré Wapenaar
• Computer renderings:
Dré Wapenaar
• Steel frame:
Atelier / Studio Dré Wapenaar
• White / Cream Powdercoated
Steel Frame.
• Pine Wood Floor
• Production canvas work:
Atelier / Studio Dré Wapenaar
• Size : L 5 meter x W 3 meter x H 3 meter.
• White / Cream colored canvas:
Ten Cate Campshield
( M1 quality, )
Construction started of the SNOW GOOSE, a new work inspired by Paul Gallico's novel with the same tittle and Camel's music ( The Snow Goose, 1975 ). The concept for this work has been on my mind for 40 years now !!
It's time to built it.

• The long waiting, a strong loner’s being, transformed into a monumental perspective.
At the same time the work fits in a series of works in which Atelier Dré Wapenaar is relating more with design; the cliché idea of a triangular shaped tent transformed into a monumental sculpture.

Studio GloriusVandeVen