Dré Wapenaar 2005-2007

Highschool NSG,
(Nijmeegse Scholen-gemeenschap Groenewoud )
Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Initiated by:
Kunst en Bedrijf bv,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Main Photography:
© Robbert R. Roos

Structural Engineer:
Technisch Buro De Heer bv.

Membrane Engineer:
Tentech, Utrecht

Studio Dré Wapenaar

Elmo Vermijs and Dré Wapenaar.

This project has been made possible with financial support of the:
- Mondriaan Foundation,
Amsterdam, The netherlands.


The Courtyard-R-Pavilion, designed for the NSG highschool in Nijmegen forms a stage for activities like, dance, stage, recitals, shows, film and video, improvisations and fashion-shows. The most upper-floor has a whole in the centre were you can sit around with 15-20 students. There’s a small floor which fits 1 or 2 speakers or musicians to do their “thing”. One floor is 9 meters long and can serve as “catwalk” for the fashion students.
With the gallery-extension, built in the spring of 2007, it can function as a stage for presentations to larger groups."

"I see a highschool as a place where students are very busy growing up, placing themselves as individuals within the group, as independent persons with an own, funded opinion, dealing with the sometimes conflicting issues of the private and public live."

Studio GloriusVandeVen