Dré Wapenaar 1997

Photography © Robbert R. Roos

Gallery Lia Rumma, Italy

Production / Manufacturing:
Studio Dré Wapenaar

Dré Wapenaar in his speech at the International Design Conference,Aspen Colorado, june 2001:

" As a reaction on the “groupy” WINTERBIVOUAC I needed an individual refreshing piece: The SHOWERTENT was meant as a gallery-piece but has been used many times at outdoor shows. When you visit a gallery, after a day of hard work, tired of looking at pieces of art, just take a comfortable and relaxing shower.
The form of the tent developed itself by holding a shower in my hand and pointing it a bit forward. It comes with an autonomous working pump-system.
The Tent indirectly taught me a lot about how the media works. I sent a press release about the Shower-tent opening at a big camp-fair, announcing a model demonstrating everything working. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by 5 television camera teams.
Later that evening I demonstrated the Tent myself on a Late Night Show."

Studio GloriusVandeVen