Dré Wapenaar 1997

Gallery Lia Rumma, Napoli, Italy

Photography: Robbert R. Roos

Production / Manufacturing / Construction:
Gertjan and Dré Wapenaar

Dré Wapenaar in his speech at the International Design Conference,Aspen Colorado, june 2001:

“The NEWSPAPERKIOSK successfully functioned, if you look at it in this way, in town-halls and libraries.
I find this tent a good example of how l don't use decorative design in my work. The shape of the tent, again, developed itself out of the idea of reading and being together. And then the private nature of reading newspaper is placed within an intimate and shared environment.”

Fieke Konijn in STANDS and TENTS,
published on the occasion of the same exhibition in the Centre of Visual Arts Dordrecht, March 1999 :

The Newspaper Kiosk has been deployed in the Rotterdam public library and in the atrium of The Hague’s city hall. It is precisely in such surroundings in which the piece comes into its own, standing like a communications satellite returned to earth from space, an airy defence against the surrounding hustle and bustle. Readers sit with their backs to each other on a circular wooden platform in the middle of the tent. This attitude allows them to immerse themselves in the newspapers placed on the counter in the outer circle. Passers-by only see their legs, which they can rest on a circular bar. In this tent, Wapenaar has opted for movement from the centre outwards, which strikes me as a good metaphor for communication. The reading does take place in temporary isolation, but the shared seat can nonetheless make it an occasion for contact between readers.

Studio GloriusVandeVen