Pavilion of Loneliness

© Dré Wapenaar 1999

Photography: Robbert R. Roos

Alicia Framis
Project: Loneliness in the City

Production / Manufacturing / Constructing / Steel Frame:
Studio Dré Wapenaar

BIBO Rotterdam

The project was initiated by:
Centre for Visual Arts, Dordrecht.

Thanks to:
- Gerrit Willems.
- Mondriaan Foundation,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Dré Wapenaar in his speech at the International Design Conference, Aspen Colorado,june 2001:

In this series of works I'd like to mention another project: the PAVILION OF LONELINESS which I designed for spanish artist ALICIA FRAMIS. Alicia did research in this tent on LONELINESS IN THE CITY.
The tent travelled for 2 years to a number of cities in Europe. It was designed for housing lectures and workshops, events and parties connected to the project. The different identities between the cities influenced the events that took place in the pavilion. There are possibilities of projecting on the 2 round, see-through projection screens which can be seen from the outside as well as from the inside.There is a central bar/kitchen and the private areas are devided into two 4 persons, two 2 persons and one single person compartment. The shape of the tent came from the form of an igloo or dome ( like you can see inThe Winterbivouac ), with the public part stretched out into an oval to create more space.

Studio GloriusVandeVen